Play Your Bees Right – Pre Wigan Podcast

Sep 13, 06:00 AM

Who says there’s not much to talk about if there’s no game the previous weekend? 

The Beesotted crew gathered at The Bell & Crown down by the strand On The Green riverside for a funny night, chatting Bees and mucking about… We talk about the latest windfall from Burnley following Tarki’s England debut, the club’s new Welcome To TW8 film series, Arsenal tickets, Harlee Dean’s new sofa, Chiedozie Ogbene’s loan to Exeter City, the sad news that former Bee Gordon Phillips has passed away and we speak to Wigan fan, Adam Pendlebury, from the Progress With Unity podcast. Oh yeah, and there’s some pathetic new ‘Play Your Bees Right’ quiz. Enjoy.

This week’s Pride of West London podcast was brought to you by: Dave Lane, Edward The Headward, Robin Hood and Dan ‘The Man’ Mann, Billy Grant and @PWUPodcast

00:00-04:30 Intro

04:32-29:08 Bees Round-up

29:12-38:12 Chiedozie Ogbene’s Loan To Exeter

38:20-45:45 Gordon Phillips RIP   

45:52-52:00 Play Your Bees Right

52:02-1:04:36 Arsenal – tickets and team thoughts

1:04:40-1:18:10 Wigan Athletic’s Five From The Hive

1:18:12- 1:22:30 Wigan predictions and Outro 

1:22:31 Ends