Burma failure: Two young Reuters journalists who reported on the Burmese massacre of Rohingya are now sentenced seven years at hard labor. — Paul Mooney, journo based in Bangkok

Sep 13, 06:11 AM




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Paul Mooney, independent journalist based in Bangkok, on the latest in Burma. Two young men who reported for Reuters on the apparent massacre of Rohingya are now sentenced to long, hard labor of seven years. The Burmese police handed them documents, then arrested the two for holding them. They’ve been charged under the leftover, colonial Official Secrets Act. A few governments have issued statements, and human rights groups have been articulate. Thai people are not paying much attention; and the vast majority of Burmese think the Rohingya, who've been there for at least a thousand years, are there illegally. Crime against humanity: the UN said the Burmese military shd be investigated for genocide. Reuters has publicized this worldwide but the Burmese military hasn’t backed down, as it thinks no one will do anything about it. DPRK is now proliferating weapons to Burma. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-myanmar-journalists-senate/u-s-senators-urge-pompeo-to-press-for-release-of-reuters-journalists-jailed-in-myanmar-idUSKCN1 LR2LE