Are you f**king stressed?

Sep 16, 08:30 PM

We all live incredibly stressful lives. Between work, battling traffic, raising kids, dealing with our partner, and constantly feeling like there just isn’t even hours in the day, sometimes it all gets a little overwhelming. 

We all deal with stress differently, but more often than not we take it out on those around us, especially our loved ones. In this weeks episode we discuss how to better communicate with your partner, how to talk about what you need from them when you are stressed and how to deal with your partner when they are stressed out and struggling.

Men and women like to deal with stress differently, but often we try help our partner the way we would want help which is not what they need to deal with the stress and frustrations they are feeling.

Tune in as we discuss how we have learnt to deal with each other through times of high stress, how we have learned to communicate better and take our own personal wants away and to be able to give each other what we each need to cope with the challenging times.

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