Issue 112: Henry Cavill Out as Superman, What's Next for DC, Possible Replacements, Supergirl, Matt Reeves' Batman, & The Joker Origin Film

Sep 13, 2018, 10:23 PM

Well the Comicast Curse took the day off on the day of recording this issue as the shocking Henry Cavill news came before the recording of issue 112. Today the guys react to The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive report regarding Henry Cavill being out at WB as Superman. The guys try to process the ramifications of Cavill leaving the DCEU, what's next for DC, the possible replacements for Cavill, the WB making Supergirl a focal point without Superman, how the news affects Ben Affleck's place in the DCEU, the latest Batman film tease from Matt Reeves, and new photos of Joaquin Phoenix's Joker physique for The Joker origin film. 

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