How to achieve fertility targets during the breeding season

May 14, 2018, 01:42 AM

Dairy Specialist Martina Gormley speaks to the Dairy Edge about 6-week calving rate, the leading metric for dairy fertility performance. Firstly, Martina identifies where the national dairy herd 6-week calving rate is and how it compares to target. Martina sets out the benefits and subsequently, the financial implications of achieving target.

In short, for each 1% increase in 6-week calving profitability will increase by €8.22 per cow, which will increase profitability by €822 per year for a 100-cow herd.

Furthermore, Martina acknowledges concerns some farmers may have about concentrating calving over a short period of time. Finally, Martina gives some tips on management practices to aid farmers in achieving high fertility performance for their herds.

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