Thursday Night recap, Mr. September, Jabari Bird misconduct, Bulldingy, and more...

Sep 14, 2018, 02:24 PM

Carton and Friends, Corey, Michelle, and Gabe, open the show recapping the Ravens-Bengals game, with Carton calling Andy Dalton the anti-Eli Manning, saying he's a great regular season quarterback, but can't win when the playoffs are on the line; Gabe still loves Dalton for helping the Bills last year, and Corey calls him Mr. September. The story of Celtics guard Jabari Bird accused of strangling his girlfriend has the gang questioning his mentality, and the general safety of players, along with their families and friends. This story has Carton remembering how former Sixers president, Pat Croce, a well-versed black belt in martial arts, had no problem standing up to people who may try to hurt Allen Iverson. Talking about the safety issues around Hurricane Florence, the gang says the Panthers-Falcons game could be highly affected, citing that the Panthers still haven't left Charlotte for Atlanta, and may get stuck with horrifying weather. The Panthers new owner, David Tepper, said a word that had Carton cringing and questioning his maturity.

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