#13 | Derry, Londonderry, Legenderry Pt. 1

Sep 14, 2018, 06:28 PM

In the first part of a two part episode the guys get to know the City of Derry a bit better and how their citizens feel they will be affected by Brexit.

In the first episode we talk to Connor Doherty and we talk about the City Deal, and what it could do for the city. We also discuss the the politics of football in Northern Ireland and how that intersects with identity in the region.

We also talk with Brenda Stevenson from Derry Girls against Borders, a local activist group that is campaigning to ensure that there will be no North/South or East/West border that could endanger the Northern Irish economy or even the peace process.

See below for timestamps. 


03:07: Derry is like Galway without the money

03:35: Bidding for a City Deal

06:16: The importance of the City Deal for Derry

07:44: Derry Girls against Borders interview with Brenda Stevenson begins

08:06: What is the campaign all about?

10:03: Why Brenda doesn’t want to see a border again

13:21: Doesn’t the Common Travel Area solve a lot of problems that DGAB is campaigning against?

14:50: Taking inspiration from Derry Girls, the TV Show.

16:54: Fears of a return to the dark days in Northern Ireland

18:39: The lived experiences of Derry Girls against Borders

20:20: How to get in contact with Derry Girls Against Borders and the politicisation of other Border campaigns against Brexit

22:49: Back to Connor O’ Doherty on Shane Duffy, and the inevitably playing for the Republic of Ireland

23:55: Why doesn’t Derry City play in the Northern Ireland football league?

25:55: Northern Ireland fans and how they are perceived from Derry

27:05: Mixed identities, Brexit and being Northern Irish

28:15: Use of the phrases ‘Loyalist’ and ‘Republican’ in everyday parlance

29:05: Brexit as a distillation of issues.

30:10: The weight of words in Northern Ireland