California outmigration 140,000/yr, & staggering income inequality: California has the sorry distinction of having the nation's highest poverty rate, 19% –blame housing costs. —Jeff Bliss, Pacific Watch

Sep 16, 2018, 02:45 AM .

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Photo: Feral cannabis—growing wild in a ditch in Buffalo County, Nebraska. Marijuana as far as the eye can see: a Canadian company is building a weed campus in the Coachella Valley the size of eight football fields that will grow more than 90 tons of dry cannabis a year — enough to roll as many as 390 million joints. The facility's imposing presence in Cathedral City has been described as equivalent to that of the Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Ore. --Desert Sun

Jeff Bliss, Pacific Watch, on: Homeless squatting. Guests forbidden to smoke on a Disney ride. The surfboard that hit Jeff in the head. Surfonomics, Mill Valley is blocking 5G antennas out of concern for dangerous frequencies. The middle class is being hollowed out of California – families leaving en masse. Cali has the nation’s highest poverty rate. Go look at the downtown of the state’s biggest cities. Coachella Valley, near Palm Springs: eight football fields of marijuana.

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"Hollywood Ghost Ship:" More than 60 people were found living illegally in an abandoned comedy theater on Hollywood Boulevard that had no electricity and reeked of human waste. Some residents said they were being charged rent: $400 a month. Disney and Obama Obama was in Orange County this weekend, whipping up a media frenzy with his criticism of Trump and Trumpsters. He basically laid out a "do or die" call to action in typically Red O.C. … where races are tighter than ever. A few things, though:

  • The media made it sound as though thousands packed the venue for his speech. It was easily fewer than 1,000 … probably closer to 700-800. In the era of Trump arena talks, that's piddling.

  • He decried "the division," yet his entire speech was devoted to separating groups/voters.

  • And, most importantly, he talked about a previous visit to Orange County -- specifically, Disneyland, when he was in college in LA (Occidental College). He claimed he'd been tossed out of the Park for smoking on MY ride - Skyway. A number of my fellow Skyway/D-land alumni began discussing this on Saturday (it still hasn't stopped) … and none of us can remember a person's being thrown out of the Park for smoking "cigarettes" (as the former prez claimed). Yes, we threw them out when they tossed objects from the gondolas, did things that endangered guests and employees, and even for smoking dope on the rides … but not for smoking. Heck, a former colleague of mine (who’s African-American) kept a diary/incident log of his days there. He knew the exact date Obama mentioned -- because of the musical act the former prez noted was playing a show in the Park -- and he had written nothing about cigarette smokers’ being tossed from Disneyland. (I don't believe I was there that day, btw).

Surfing-related businesses (including clothing, entertainment, tourism, etc.) bring in far more than do all other sports in California -- by huge, huge magnitudes. You'd think a fiscal conservative would appreciate that and mention the fact that surfing contests in California, because they occur in public spaces/beaches, have to pay men and women professionals equally. That could have an even bigger impact on the state, its laws and its economy than a few folks sitting on Apple's board. This goes to the question of: do all men and women sports professionals get paid the same now? Or, how about actors and actresses in Hollywood? I know surfing is a bit of a goof for others, but this issue has real ramifications. We in the surfing community have a word for people who say, "cowabunga."

The wealthy enclave of Mill Valley in Marin County voted to block small-cell 5G antennas over concerns about cancer and other health effects. "What 5G does is it adds another cloud to what we refer to as 'electromagnetic smog' into an environment that is already pretty saturated," an activist said. Industry and federal...