Raise The Bar 02 with Graham Sahara

Sep 16, 2018, 02:55 PM

We are back for our weekly Sunday Sober Sessions in Ibiza.

On todays edition of the show we pitched up beside the seaside in Santa Eulalia with none other then much loved Island DJ Graham Sahara for our support group Raise the Bar and tripled our numbers on week one, which was a rather big boost!

The Pacha resident of almost 2 decades shared his story of quitting the booze more then a year ago with show hostesses Jo Youle and Laura Reynolds and revealed that suffering depression was the reason he jumped on the wagon.

It was purely the lows he had sunk to that spurred him on and Graham is not backward about coming forward on todays brutally honest show and confession of just how bad things had become.

He is not alone on this party island, with many DJ's now not indulging on the job after admitting suffering anxiety and depression as a result of lack of sleep and too much frovolity in their line of work.

So join us as we share Grahams story and how our sober weeks have been on Ibiza……a new journey for a pair of party girls who as a team are finding it was easier to stay on the path of sobriety as a Team.

Tune in and thank you so much for listening as we try to truely Raise the Bar on this magical island we call Home.