The Parmalat Era - Ep 006

Sep 16, 2018, 11:00 PM

This week, its a special episode as we talk about the classic football shirt sponsor ‘Parmalat’.  

Alex talks about his family connections and his visits to the Province of Parma and a surprising discovery of the 'Parmalat' logo on a well known Spanish team's shirt

Uche talks about why to him 'Parmalat' is an iconic football logo and goes on a fact finding mission to find out all the clubs that were sponsored by Parmalat and soon finds many rare and classic shirts. 

We also discuss:

  • The 90’s era of Parma and it’s impact on football across the world
  • Discovering the best set of shirts (home, away and third) we have ever seen
  • Parmalat subsidiary brands including Santal Active, Mr Day and Joy brands
  • Finding out about the Paramalt Cup and which clubs won the tournament
  • Understanding the meaning of the Parmalat Flower Logo
  • Sad Times when Parma Football Club went Bankrupt
  • Renaming the club to Parma Calcio 1913
  • Parma's return to Serie A
  • We review the Parma new home, away and third shirts

In this podcast series you can expect to hear us reminiscing about iconic shirts, classic moments, legendary players and we might even be joined by the odd guest along the way.

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