Week 2 recap, Giants blow it, Jets have it, Jags dominate, Vontae's strange ending, and more...

Episode 661,  Sep 17, 2018, 02:21 PM

Carton and Friends, Corey and Michelle, open the program calling the Giants an embarrassment, and Corey questions the offensive line play, zeroing in on public enemy number one, Erik Flowers; the guys look ahead to the Giants' schedule, thinking they could start 0-6. Meanwhile, the Jets, who also lost yesterday, seem to have the fighting spirit needed to win ballgames. Looking at the Jaguars, Carton gives a lot of credit to them not only beating the Patriots—and avenging their 2017 AFC Championship loss—but completely controlling the game; Corey says the one play that kills a defense is when a quarterback runs for a long first down, which Bortles did a lot. The strangest story out of yesterday's action was Vontae Davis quitting on the Bills, and retiring at halftime of their blowout loss to the Chargers; while Bills players response was not one of encouragement for Davis, the Carton gang only wonders why Davis didn't wait until the end of the game. Michelle's social media update about Ezekiel Elliott wearing crop-tops has Carton not only drug testing Michelle tomorrow, but getting in to why playing shirts vs. skins basketball is horrible.

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