Testicular Fortitude

Sep 19, 2018, 08:48 AM

Another big show this week!

  • Sinners and Winners of the week with a very famous Australian sportsman getting sinnered for the 3rd time! 😮

  • 🏉 A very fiery AFL Water Cooler! The boys debate:

          - The AFL grand final entertainment selections 

          - The Geelong wacky Wednesday controversy  

          - Is the Footy show cooked?

          - SANFL & NEAFL 19th man fiasco

          - The AFL prelim’s plus plenty more!

  • ⚽️ our man Daniel goes nuclear on the A-League in a rant that must be heard 🤯🤬😡😦

  • Plus the TOP 3 is back as the boys count down the loosest units in sports history!