Behind the (Music) Business Podcast trailer

Sep 19, 2018, 10:23 AM

Welcome to the trailer for my new podcast. This is my opportunity to tell those interested what this will be about and also to test that all the stuff behind the scenes works.

This podcast is a music business focused podcast where I speak with people in all areas of the business about what the do and why they do it. Im interested to learn more about all of this and I hope you are to.

This isn't a one way dialogue though. I would love to hear from those who choose to listen and if you have any questions I am aiming to put those questions to the guests and release the responses as a special show at the end of the series.

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Find me on twitter at @dannychampion

Thats enough for now. The First 5 episodes will be available 1st October 2018 and then look out for new episodes on a Monday from November 5th 2018.

Thanks for stopping by.