Dean Smith’s pre-Frank Lampard’s Derby Liquid football Podcast

Sep 20, 05:50 AM

Bumper podcast this week as the Beesotted crew hooked up on The Plough pub in Northfields to look back at the Wigan win and Ipswich draw as well as look forward to the Frank Lampard’s Derby and Arsenal matches. 

Plus we also talk about the Sky Red Button matches - is this a good thing or a bad thing? A rumour circulated about fans singing a nasty song about Alan Judge at Ipswich. Was it real news or fake news? Maypay’s form. 

Dont forget to check the post Wigan pre Ipswich radio show (

In the pub this week

Billy Grant

Dave Lane

Ali Mullalley

Gerry The Cabbie

0m - Intro

7 m 13 sec - Fans post Ipswich match

11 m 39 sec - Beesotted creed discuss Ipswich match and Wigan match. Was Ipswich really such a bad result?

36 m 46 sec - Fake News. The Alan Judge Rumour. Why was this even a thing?

48 m 51 sec - Sky Sports Red Button launch. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

1 hr 9 min 51 sec - Five from the Hive with Chris from Steve Bloomers Washing

1 hr 18 min 41 sec - Beesotted crew discuss Frank Lampard’s Derby and Arsenal matches

1 hr 37 m 0 sec - END