Thursday night preview, game lines, Week 3 rankings, special announcement, and more...

Sep 20, 2018, 06:25 PM

Corey Parson, Chris Ventra, and Jim Day open the show giving early birthday wishes to Jim. The guys go on to preview the Browns vs. Jets game, with Corey interested in the Browns being the favorite. He also talks about wanting to see some better running from Carlos Hyde. Looking for other fantasy value in this game, Jim is afraid that Tyrod Taylor does not throw enough balls for guys like Antonio Calloway and David Njoku be viable starters in Week 3; Chris takes this advice and says to take the Browns and the under. The gang talks about the underwhelming performance of the run game in Tampa Bay, but Corey eludes to the fact that as long as the Bucs have some Fitzmagic, they don't need to run the ball. Corey announces that Fantasy Frenzy will be a specialty show tomorrow in place of Carton and Friends starting at 9AM EST.

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