No2H8 Winners, Mosque Attack, 'Justice For All' and 'Stand With Us'

Sep 20, 2018, 08:25 PM

This week Clive, Tony & Diana speak to founder of the No2H8 Crime Awards, Fiyaz Mughal about the results of this years ceremony. Rabbi Daniel Lichman tells us why his community decided to show solidarity towards members of the Al-Hussaini Mosque following an attack during Yom Kippur. Author, Dr Jeremiah Unterman chats about his book 'Justice for all: How the Jewish Bible revolutionised ethics'. At the start of the new educational year, in a special report, Kate looks at the threat posed to Jewish students on university campuses. Denise Phillips gives us a delicious recipe for Sukkot. News Editor, Justin Cohen reviews The Jewish News and our Rabbinic Thought for the Week comes from Rabbi Andrew Shaw from Mizrachi UK.