The man who made Bowie, African discoveries, studio heroes

Oct 03, 2018, 06:45 AM

Welcome to a new series of BE THERE, the music podcast from DALI – makers of high-end loudspeakers, designed and built in Denmark in admiration of music.

BE THERE celebrates the minds behind the music with journalists who know the stories behind great recordings. It’s an audio companion to DALI’s print magazine, also called BE THERE, and you can get the new issue for free via the DALI Facebook page.

On this podcast we’re joined by special guests KATE HUTCHINSON of The Guardian and the New York Times, and prolific rock biographer JOEL McIVER who writes for Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Rolling Stone and many others.

Kate explains how the founder of Analog Africa Records went on a quest to bring music from across the African continent to hungry Western ears. Joel tells us how legendary producer Ken Scott helped David Bowie discover his musical identity. And our guests choose their heroes of studio production. Hear all the songs we talk about on our Tidal playlist

*BE THERE WITH DALI is presented by Andrew Harrison with audio production by Jack Claramunt. It’s a Podmasters Production. *

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