Sep 24, 2018, 12:00 PM

We've moved on from the golf game. Tiger's back but so is the NBA. 

I've been a Golden State Warriors fan since 1998. I hardly ever miss a game if I can. I love this team but things have changed. The Bay Area has changed. We were once a gritty area, yearning for respect. Now we have it. But perhaps it comes at a cost? 46% of residents want to leave. 

I wanted to go back in time and reflect on how the Warriors got here. How we as an area got here. 

Introducing the Chubby Warrior. A 1-Fan Oral History. 

Music provided by @ChubbyWallace

Track List: 

"Dinner Doggystyle" 

"Chenzen Ballers"

"Flavor Phlegm" 

Part I goes as follows: 

1998-1999 Season (1:00-28:15)

1999-2000 Season (30:30-59:30)

2000-2001 Season (1:01:30-1:40:15)

Part II out Wednesday.