Does Love Actually Change Lives?: Meet Michael Hirsch - Executive Director of Loveworks | The Hive Five

Sep 24, 11:08 AM

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On the Hive Five today, we are really excited to sit down with Michael Hirsch. Michael is the founder and executive director of Loveworks Leadership, a nonprofit organization in Norman, Oklahoma and a partner of BriteBee. Loveworks works to create a place that students want to hang out after school, but where they can also learn leadership and character skills. Students are also taught through experiential learning, and taught to build competence.

Michael started Loveworks Leadership seven and a half years ago in Norman when he identified a need for eleven to fourteen year olds. This age group has the fewest amount of after school opportunities, and he wanted to fill this lack of opportunity in the Norman area. The goal became to help junior high students discover their purpose, passion, and their dream. It started with Loveworks Outreach, and working with food banks and homeless shelters. It has since become Loveworks Leadership, a very cool after school opportunity completely free to students that want to participate two days a week. They start their time at Loveworks with high fives and encouragement from staff and volunteers everytime they attend. In fact, it’s so cool that right through the front doors is a ball pit. Michael talks about the change that is seen in kids from start to finish in the program. Academic performance improves, behavior at home changes, and the student’s level of respect changes as well.

Michael has some crazy awesome hair. It looks like he didn’t get ready at all, but he actually gets ready, to look as if he didn’t get ready. He also spends a lot of time exercising. Starting about six years ago, Michael started training for triathlon iron man races. 

Michael is an awesome guy to talk to and Loveworks is a fantastic organization. We hope that you enjoy this episode, and hope that you will give us a review and rating.

Michael’s 5 Key Takeaways:

Find a need and fill it.

People will most support what they have been given opportunity to create themselves.

Greatest need of the hour – S.E.L (Social emotional learning)

Rediscover your why

Love never fails

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