Resilience & Leadership from Ireland to Rwanda

Sep 24, 12:38 PM

Ciara Doherty is this week's guest on the Commit podcast and she talks about a life of resilience and taking control of your life and your own decisions.

Her life has not been without its obstacles or difficulties, from being a single Mum finishing college, to working as a woman in the construction industry, but she has shown that determination and self-belief will see you succeed.

Now a very successful civil engineer with H&J Martin Construction, Ciara also talks about a recent visit to Rwanda with the Bridges to Prosperity charity and how much she learned from the local villagers in overcoming the toughest of environments.

"The biggest thing I saw was how resilient the people are," she says. "They are close to each other, resourceful and agile in everything they do. They don’t have a choice."

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