New Update: Kristin Thinks She's Cursed...And There's A MAJOR Plot Twist

Sep 24, 2018, 01:08 PM

Ever since she got back from her New Year's vacation in Mexico, Kristin has had a streak of bad luck...but now she's thinking that it's maybe because of something she stole from the sacred ruins of Tulum.

And apparently, lifting the curse isn't so easy. And MONTHS later, with everything tragic that has happened in her life, she's pretty sure it's STILL affecting her life.

And based on Post Malone's interaction with a majorly haunted box (and all his bad luck and near-death experiences), she's taking steps to lift the curse from HER life.

But it's not as easy as it sounds...

Here's EVERYTHING she's going to do - all the hoops she's jumping through - to undo the curse...including a trip out of state, and getting the rock BACK to Tulum, Mexico.

Trying to get rid of this curse has even made her drive ALL the way to Kentucky...but THERE'S A MAJOR PLOT-TWIST!