Pats look bad against Lions, Vikings look awful against the Bills, why Week 3 sucked, Tiger ratings, and more...

Sep 24, 2018, 02:21 PM

Carton and Friends, Corey and Michelle, open the show wondering if Gabe's absence is actually because he's recording an album with his band, or if he can't get through customs in Canada. Looking at some of the biggest surprises through Week 3 of the NFL, Carton thinks the Patriots are not going to the Super Bowl, Corey thinks the Vikings are done, and all think Dolphins fans should be feeling great about themselves. Carton says Week 3 sucked, starting with the Jets losing to the Browns, though Corey says to not look at it as a Jets fan, but from an NFL perspective, but Carton also says all of the games, outside of Falcons-Saints, were boring. Tiger Woods may have won the PGA Championship, but as great as it is for golf, Carton says it will never be able to beat the NFL in ratings, even though Tiger was more interesting than the afternoon games in Week 3. The gang talks about the failures of the Raiders, and Carton thinks it's good that they suck because they are getting ready to move to Las Vegas, and want to find a new identity. Looking at the Carton league scores, Craig finds solace in the fact that Scott and Michelle have fallen to 0-3; Chris Ventra throws some shade to Carton for starting the year 1-2, and starting Andy Dalton over Deshaun Watson.

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