Week 3 recap, who ruined your Sunday, who to plug in for Week 4, and more...

Sep 24, 2018, 05:50 PM

Gregg Sussman and Frank Stampfl go over some of the biggest headlines from Week 3, including a possible season-ending ACL tear for Jimmy Garoppolo. The guys look at the trade value of Kareem Hunt, worrying about his role in a Chiefs offense that finds its best through the passing game; players the guys find interest in making trade for Hunt include James Connor, Jordan Howard and David Johnson. Jamie Heath of The Sports Brokers joins the show to talk about the betting odds for the Monday Night game, as well as looking at some early bets for Week 4. In the Giants' win over the Texans, the Giants lost their starting tight end in Evan Engram, but Gregg and Frank like the emergence of Sterling Shepard.

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