Marcel Lucont and the return of Barry England

Sep 25, 2018, 05:00 AM

In this episode Tom stumbles on a fan page for Martin's old band Bourgeois and this spurs him on even more for his New Romantic revival night. An unlikely face reappears from the past...and when Martin's at Tesco Tom is joined in secret by poet and philanderer Marcel Lucont (as seen on Russell Howard's Good News and The John Bishop Show) to chat women, philosophy & Milton Keynes. As ever the clock is ticking, and Tom must get his flamboyant guest interviewed and out of the house before Martin returns! 

Tom Ward - As himself

Martin - Jeff Innocent

Marcel Lucont - Alexis Dubus

Molly Offended - Katie Norris

'You seem happy?' - Performed by Chiara Goldsmith (Roisin & Chiara)

Bailiff 1 (Ron) - Joe Jacobs

All Music - Lawrence Diamond & Adam Easton (AKA LNLY)