Monday night game recap, Bell in green, Carton league results, Jimmy Butler, sinister laughs, and more...

Sep 25, 2018, 02:23 PM

Carton & Friends, Corey and Michelle, open the show talking about an entertaining Monday night game, with the crew happy to see a back-and-forth from the Bucs and Steelers. They also talk about loving that some bad officiating will dominate the NFL headlines over Colin Kaepernick. The guys find it most impressive that Ryan Fitzpatrick has six kids, with one on the way. Looking at the results of the Carton and Friends league, Corey acknowledges he is off to a slow start after losing to Bones and Bivona, but he and Craig feel they are in better position than Michelle and Scott's team, after they fell to 0-3. Looking at the issue of Jimmy Butler asking for a trade from Minnesota, Carton thinks he and the Timberwolves should just go out and try to win, but Cory says guys like Andrew Wiggins are not winners. Bones plays Kawhi Leonard's Raptors press conference, with Carton thinking Kawhi may have the most maniacal laugh ever. Corey and Carton argue if LeBron James is the reason Cleveland's economy started booming, with Carton saying you have to go back to when the Indians got "The Jake," now known as Progressive Field. Staying in Cleveland, the gang wonders if Baker Mayfield can take reins as the city's next savior.

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