The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Sep 25, 05:25 PM

When I first started diving deeper in health, wellness and nutrition, the topic of inflammation kept cropping up time and time again. Until I started studying again, I hadn’t really come across ‘inflammation’ in terms of our health as a whole. This idea that it’s inflammation in our bodies that in the root cause of most illnesses was a whole new concept to me and I’d only ever thought of inflammation in terms of cuts and bruises!

When it comes to protecting your body from chronic inflammation, your diet plays a massive role. It can help to decrease that inflammation and protect our tissues from inflammatory damage. Foods that have a lower GI, that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and high in antioxidants are great for decreasing inflammation in our bodies and limiting your intake of animal and processed foods can also help. The most important thing in my opinion though, is to think about the quality of the food you’re eating – buying high quality products, in-season produce and organic fresh produce whenever you can is a great place to start!

In this episode I talk about Dr Andrew Weil's anti-inflammatory diet and how nutrition and the food you eat can help to reduce and even prevent inflammation in the body.

I don’t believe in ‘diets’ or ‘one size fits all’ guidelines, however, this anti-inflammatory diet that he developed really appealed to me because it’s not a weight loss diet or focussed on calorie restricting. His guidelines are flexible and approach nutrition from a point of balance, which is what I try to promote to all of my clients I work with. In short – it’s a non-restrictive approach, focussing on balance and increasing your intake of foods that will nourish your body, as well as decreasing your intake of foods that inhibit the health of your body. So really, everything that HUG is about.