MLB playoff race, Yanks get what they need, AL Wild Card crew, Tony Romo, and more...

Episode 679,  Sep 26, 2018, 03:22 PM

Carton and Friends, Corey and Michelle, open the show talking about how the Yankees got what they needed last night: a big win against Tampa and the A's losing to Seattle; this gets the crew excited for the Yankees to host the AL Wild Card Game against Oakland. The hope of the Yankees hosting the Wild Card Game has Carton and the gang trying to figure who is going to the game and where they will be sitting at Yankee Stadium. Carton finds it interesting that the Red Sox will play the winner of the Yankees and Athletics, and wonders if there will be a scenario where the Red Sox try to play spoiler for the Yankees icing home field in the Wild Card game. Talking about Tony Romo getting a spot in the Cowboys ring of honor, Carton asks Corey if Romo really is the greatest quarterback in Cowboys history. Corey questions why Carton was watching documentaries about venomous snakes. The gang talks about the standings in the Carton and Friends Fantasy League, with Michelle's team looking at a tough matchup against 3-0 FST, but Corey says after this week you will see where teams belong.

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