#386: That's Newt, Man (Final FB2 Trailer Discussion!)

Sep 26, 2018, 04:40 PM

  • Welcome Slug Club member Laura!

  • Andrew and Eric recap their trivia party

  • The final Crimes of Grindelwald trailer is released!

  • Our reactions to the big Nagini reveal!

  • Will this change how we think about Nagini in the Potter series?

  • Why is she on Voldemort's side in later years? 

  • Is it possible she's our first thread between Grindelwald and Voldemort?

  • Could Credence be helping her try to control her power much like himself?

  • Why is Nagini at Circus Arcanus? Is it by choice? Or is she being held captive?

  • Do we really believe JKR has been keeping this secret for 20 years?

  • Jamie Campbell Bower & Toby Regbo reprise their roles as young Grindelwald & Dumbledore

  • What does this mean for future films? Will their relationship finally be explored?

  • Why can't Dumbledore move against Grindelwald? Convenient excuse or something more magical?

  • Is Nicolas Flamel's home the "safe house" Dumbledore tells Newt about?

  • What's Tina doing in the Parisian sewer system?

  • What's draping all of the buildings in Paris?

  • New beasts, bomber jets, cool portkeys, Newt's basement and more!