Episode 1. John Booth

Sep 28, 2018, 10:25 AM

In the premiere episode of Lavender Language, Adriann Ramirez speaks with John Booth, an East London based artist whose work includes illustration, print making, furniture design and ceramics. His cheeky sense of style, use of colour and simplistic yet unique design aesthetic has garnered him a dedicated following and given him the opportunity of working with the likes of FENDI & Lou Dalton. We sit with John in his home and chat about the music he listens to when he's working, how his home environment impacts on his work, working in a studio space with other artists, successes and "failures", sitting in the discomfort of a freelance creative's life and how social media impacts on an artist's impact.

Instagram: @lavenderlanguage

Host @Adriann.Ramirez 

Sound by @edmund_shaw 

Produced by @tahncf

Guest, @John_Booth