Thursday night recap, Goff's success, CC is "for you, bitch", Amazon Prime women get buried, and more...

Sep 28, 2018, 03:28 PM

Carton and Friends, Corey, Michelle, and Gabe, open the show recapping what Carton and Gabe said would be a high-scoring affair between the Rams and the Vikings. The gang argues if Jared Goff, whom Troy Aikman once thought could not even throw a ball, is truly becoming a great quarterback, or if he is, as Corey says, a product of the Rams' system. Looking at the Yankees vs. Rays game, the gang salutes CC Sabathia for missing out on a $500,000 bonus for getting to a certain amount of innings, after he hit a Rays player in retaliation from an earlier hit-by-pitch incident; the guys go on to question if the Yankees will put Masahiro Tanaka against the Athletics in the Wild Card game, in hopes that J.A. Happ will pitch against Boston, knowing he is a Red Sox killer. Even though it was very hard to find, the gang reviews the Amazon Prime broadcast done by Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer, and Carton can't stand the stunt done by the NFL, Fox, and Amazon. The gang finishes the hour talking about the Rams' male cheerleader, Chris Conte hoping to see a player get stiff-armed in the Rams-Vikings game, and Gabe giving solid reviews for a bar in the Secaucus train station.

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