Carton's issue with Ventra's TNF wager, College game picks, Marconi award winners, remembering the Big East, and more...

Sep 28, 2018, 03:31 PM

To start the second hour of the show, Carton, Corey, Michelle, and Gabe talk with Chris Ventra after Carton expresses some concern with a wager he made in last night's game; Carton gives Ventra a $100 parlay to use over the weekend. Carton and the gang go over some college football games going on tomorrow, including Notre Dame vs. Stanford and the big one, Penn St. vs. Ohio St. The crew looks at the winners of the 2018 Marconi Awards (best in radio) including New York's Angie Martinez and ESPN's Dan Patrick; Carton preps his team to win a Marconi for 2019. Carton gets somber after reading about an LSU basketball star, Wayde Sims, being gunned down at a restaurant; Carton tells a story of how former Georgetown and NBA great, Alonzo Mourning, was indirectly involved in a drug raid in 1996, after a friend of his, a known drug dealer, was arressted while Mourning was playing video games. The gang reminisces about Big East basketball, and how their conference put college basketball in the national spotlight. Michelle's social update includes a story of how a woman tweeted out that she saw former NFL wide receiver, Eric Decker, out with other women, and also loved Decker's response, saying "the only club I go to is The Mickey Mouse Club."

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