Corey's new NL team, Chiefs playoff history, Yanks Wild Card meet-up, and Carton's big announcement...

Episode 687,  Sep 28, 2018, 04:37 PM

Carton and Friends open the final hour of the show with Corey picking his new National League team, the Atlanta Braves, getting to the World Series; Carton tells him to put his money where his mouth is, and the guys also make fun of Corey for picking another favorite team. Going over to football, the guys question if the Chiefs, who look like a strong AFC champion candidate, will once again fall apart, with Craig citing that the Chiefs have not won a playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium since 1994. Speaking of playoffs, the gang gets excited about the Yankees' Wild Card game on Wednesday against the Athletics. Gabe talks about his time owning a race horse, Conflict Diamond, and how the best way to scare someone is by steering them into horse racing. To end the show, Carton announces that he will be off the show for at least the next two months, as he gets ready for his trial at the end of the month. Gabe will take over lead host on Carton and Friends.

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