Mahomes a stud, MLB playoffs begin, Gabe's Little League freak out, #NCAAgate, and more...

Oct 02, 2018, 02:43 PM

Gabe, Corey, and Michelle open the program talking about the Monday night game, with Corey calling Pat Mahomes a stud QB, unlike Jared Goff, who is a glorified bus driver. Gabe was going to pick Athletics against the Yankees, but thinks he may join Corey's bandwagon and pick the Yankees; Corey cites that the October air in the Bronx helps the Yankees in their quest for 28. The gang questions Gabe's gambling ethics, as he freaked out over a bet involving the Little League World Series. Thinking what a train wreck the Brett Kavanaugh hearings turned out to be, Gabe talks about his possible run in politics, starting with an investigation in to NCAA as a whole, between the Baylor investigation, college basketball issues, and a Tennessee St. football player collapsing on the sidelines of a game this past week. From a betting perspective, Gabe and Corey like the idea of taking the Cubs over the Rockies in the NL Wild Card game tonight.

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