@Larry_Kudlow: Our “Trade Coalition of the Willing”—32 democracies have a common vision against all the Chinese missteps.

Oct 03, 2018, 02:50 AM

Map: Ancient Roman trade routes


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@Larry_Kudlow: Our “Trade Coalition of the Willing”—32 democracies have a common vision against all the Chinese missteps.

The USMCA is first time such a document against China's bad acting has been signed.

@Larry_Kudlow, in re: Spectacular news of the USMCA. “Trade Coalition of the Willing”— renewed trade relations with Europe and Japan; we signed a tripartite agreement at the UN meetings last week against all the Chinese missteps of illegal protections, tech transfers, tariffs and non-tariff barriers, IP theft; first time such a document has been signed. The problem is China, the center of the broken trading system. Canadian PM Trudeau in a call with Pres Trump spoke on how to deal with unfair trading practices outside of North America. I hope, I really hope, China gets the message. In the EU, 28 countries; plus Canada the US and Mexico and Japan— 32 democracies— all explaining the matter to China. China has been brutal. Other presidents have mentioned this but have always backed off. Pres Trump has the backbone. The allies – the 32 –are making our trade deal and our statement. We're willing to talk with China in any [reasonable ] way. JB: This is piracy! Everyone going to China is watched. Xi Jinping’s tyranny. A rogue nation that has to comply with international limits. The market reforms launched by Deng Xiaoping were stopped under Pres Xi, regrettably. American companies that want to open in China are forbidden ownership – the US firm is always a minority stakeholder. China commands Americans to lay down their blueprints on the desk. They now permit tiny financial companies to have majority ownership—but they aren't granted a license. Even Google is running up against the same problem. The ownership problem is the core of the issue: the state wants to own everything,. Does China understand that they create a disruption of our supply chains and that that constitutes a threat to peace? Absolutely yes, including Macron, Abe, and all the major leadership. This has opened the door to new and constructive negotiations among the allies. Pres Trump’s approach seems to be working. The US supply chains are now all taken care of.