Hold the Dark + Horrors of Malformed Men + The Captain - Eclectica #178

Oct 03, 2018, 05:00 PM

"Here We See The Wild Billy Connolly …"

This week we're covering Jeremy Saulnier's "Hold the Dark" - a film where the icy Alaskan atmospherics are so persuasive, Rob and Graham catch a cold out of sympathy. Fortunately we have a healthy Aidan on hand to guide them through the Blue Ruin director's latest offering on Netflix.

Off the Shelf has a diverse range of entertainment options for a dark night in, with Rob striking "gold" with the gold-painted weirdos of Teruo Ishii's "Horrors of Malformed Men" from Arrow Video. Meanwhile, Aidan checks out Indicator's latest rediscovery - "Absolution" - which stars Richard Burton and Billy Connolly, and wrapping up is Graham with Signature Entertainment's "The Captain". 

Tune in next week, and remember - if we got anything wrong this week then it's the fault of the virus.

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Until next time with Venom, keep it Eclectica.

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