Brexit, Emerging Market Politics and Trump

Oct 03, 2018, 01:00 PM

Welcome to the podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of investment news, views and analysis. This week we’re focusing on how politics can affect stock markets, from Brexit and emerging markets to Donald Trump’s trade policies.

Let’s start with Brexit. Our first guest, - Michael Metcalfe, Head of Global Macro Strategy at State Street, likens a no deal or hard Brexit to a natural disaster that it will inflict serious damage on the UK economy.

Donald Trump's tax reforms will cause inflation and this will cause interest rates to rise, but dwindling liquidity is a concern too, says Jeff Boswell, Manager, Investec Global Total Return Credit Fund.

Continuing with president Trump, Somerset Capital's Ed Lam says you can't ignore political risk when investing in emerging markets, and so is favouring India and investing away from Trump's tariffs.

Our next guest is Olufemi Mada, Senior investment Analyst for Morningstar investment Management who talks to us about why it has been a difficult 2018 for emerging market bonds. Specifically, he discusses how Turkey and Argentina are only a small proportion of the bond market - but their current problems have impacted returns across the asset class.

Turkey and Argentina may be in trouble, but the contagion slump has gone too far says our next guest, Delphine Arrighi, Manager of the Old Mutual Emerging Market Debt Fund

Is Rising Volatility the Start of the Great Correction? Our next guest, T Rowe Price's Chris Alderson explains why stock market performance is diverging - and what investors should expect next

There are 5 megatrends shaping the future of investing according to our next guest Rob Powell, Thematic Investment Strategist at iShares. Let’s dive straight in to find out what they are and how these megatrends are shaping global economies and stock markets

Looking for good value equities in the tech space? Ignore the FAANG stocks and consider these three lesser known companies says Killik & Co’s Rachel Winter

And that’s the end of this edition. We hope you enjoyed this programme from everyone here at Morningstar UK, thanks for listening.

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