MLB playoffs looking fun, no home for Dez, be change Corey wants you to be, George Kurtz, and more...

Oct 03, 2018, 03:30 PM

The Carton and Friends gang, sans Carton, open the second hour of the program talking about the excitement for the MLB playoffs, including what Gabe thinks will be a cool matchup between the Rockies and Brewers. Gabe wonders if Dez Bryant is "NFL-ready" and he doesn't have a team yet, and Corey explains Dez is waiting on the Cowboys to bring him back. Looking at the NBA, Gabe finds it interesting that as great as LeBron is, not many players are lining up to play with him in Los Angeles, but yet more want to play with guys like Kevin Durant. Corey's advice for Dez is to be the change he wants in the offense, and the gang takes Corey's advice to new levels. George Kurtz joins the program to talk about the Yankees' Wild Card choice of Luis Severino, and how the idea is to have J.A. Happ go against the Red Sox if they get past the Athletics; the gang also talks about how the rest of the MLB playoff teams outside the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers are flying under the radar. Over to the NFL, Gabe talks about how Odell Beckham Jr. may be overly emotional and flashy, but he is a good teammate.

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