Jethro Toast, Edelman's return, ALDS preview, Corey's fandom, Taylor Stevens, barking contests, and more...

Oct 04, 2018, 04:22 PM

In the final hour of the program, Gabe gives a music history lesson to Corey and Michelle about Jethro Tull, whom Corey confuses with toast. Looking at tonight's game between the Patriots and Colts, Gabe says the return of Julian Edelman will help move the offense, but Corey thinks he will start out rusty since he hasn't played in over a year; Corey likes Sony Michel to have a solid fantasy game tonight. Gabe and Corey break down the Indians vs. Astros ALDS game, with Gabe liking the Indians overall, but fears their playoff history, and the fact they haven't won a World Series in 70 years. Michelle gives Corey some slack for favoring the Braves, saying he needs to pick either the Yankees or the Braves. The gang chats with adult film star Taylor Stevens, who not only breaks the stereotype of "ugly Patriots fans," but also has some betting odds for Gabe in tonight's game. After Taylor showed off her little dog (wearing a Tom Brady jersey), Corey talks about his disdain for dogs, especially little ones, and Gabe tells a story of how he got in to a barking contest with a German Shepherd. To finish the show, Gabe and the gang argue if LeSean McCoy's abuse accuser is telling the truth, thinking their may be something SHADY going on in this situation.

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