Beauty vs. the Beast, Owen Daniels, UFC 229 presser, and more...

Oct 05, 2018, 02:19 PM

Gabe Morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show with former Texans tight end Owen Daniels calling in to the show to talk about the NFL season, and if Le'Veon Bell is doing the right thing or being a detriment to the Steelers and the NFL, Corey lets Michelle know he found out that the world "colonel" at one point had an 'r' in the word, much to Michelle's delight. The gang recaps the UFC 229 press conference, in which Khabib showed up on time, but Conor McGregor waltzes in late, and calls Khabib's manager a terrorist and a spy. Looking at the ALDS, Gabe calls the Yankees a live underdog, and says the betting man should watch out in this series. Talking about the Thursday night game, the gang is sick of Tom Brady, with Gabe even saying Brady is lucky he has as many Super Bowl wins as he does. 

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