Betting odds of Corey vs. Michelle, MMA Oddsmaker Joey Odessa, and more...

Oct 05, 2018, 03:35 PM

The Carton and Friends gang opens the second hour of the program with Gabe talking with oddsmaker, Chris Ventra, as they get the betting line for the boxing match between Corey and Michelle. Famed MMA oddsmaker Joey Odessa joins the show to do what he does best, and give his betting lines for UFC 229. The fight is on as Michelle takes down Corey in a little boxing match. The Week 5 trash talk has started, as the guys love the the back-and-forth between Jalen Ramsey and Tyreek Hill. Speaking of the Jaguars, Gabe and Corey argue if Leonard Fournette really has a place on the team. The gang gives their predictions for UFC 229, and question if Conor McGregor can get out to his normal fast start to wear down Khabib.

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