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Oct 08, 2018, 01:30 AM

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Food and drink professional, pastry chef, Chocolatier, Earth Loaf - First bean to bar chocolate house in India.

David is a fan of harmony and does a brilliant job blending in his different interests ranging from math, geometry and alcohol to baking and making chocolates. For me, he is a great example of how going broad helps you go deep by forming connections that never existed in the past and provides a unique perspective to whatever you do.

Earth Loaf was an en devour to showcase the flavors of India, from the impact of the soil and weather on the cocoa to the use of indigenous ingredients like Jamun and Moosambi.

"I quickly learnt that being adaptable is very important and what is meant to be is upto me and not my circumstances or the environment that I am put in."

He doesn't just preach it, he also practices it. How? He learnt Kannada, the local language of Karnataka where Mysore is located. The factory and himself being in Mysore, he saw the kind of value it would add to learn the local language, which for someone from South Africa/UK is definitely not easy. It was a shocker for me too when I heard him for the first time struggling with a few sentences but the man has made the effort, got to give him credit for that.

Finding the commonality between languages, people, supply and demand ratios and not being bothered about circumstance. David hasn't just lived here, he has made an active attempt to become one of us. The insights he shares about being an entrepreneur in India and how dynamics of the environment is profound and breathtaking.

Social media platforms are fickle. A like is a like is a like. The only way to truly measure engagement is to interact face to face with your target audience to find out what you can do to help them get better.

Social Media has the uncanny ability to bring out the best in people. That doesn't mean that they're made up of fairies, rainbows and unicorns. It is just the representation. What it essentially leads to is a disoriented world where regular people compare their ups and downs in life to the life highlights of another individual. The result is obvious, a lack of focus, direction and a regular feeling of "what am I doing in life".

"Work hard, earn the respect of your peers and if you work hard they will teach you what they know."

The fear of failure, I deal with in a very simple way. Everything is going to be okay. Just tell yourself that!

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