Fred Ottman aka Tugboat, Typhoon and THE SHOCKMASTER!

Oct 08, 07:00 AM

It was our pleasure to have Fred Ottman aka Tugboat, Typhoon and THE SHOCKMASTER from his time in WWF and WCW on the line! In this deep and heartfelt interview, Fred opens up about training under the tutelage of “The Great Professor” Boris Malenko in Tampa, Florida, why he had to lie about being a wrestler on the road, concussions and his decision not to join the lawsuit against WWE, his thoughts on certain wrestlers who didn't take care of others in the ring, teaming with John Tenta (Earthquake) and being like brothers with him outside of the ring, his disdain for particular types of ribbers, advice for current and up-and-coming wrestlers, and of course, a detailed breakdown on the unforgettable debut of The Shockmaster- what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how his life changed as a result of his legendary, and infamous, botched debut at WCW Clash of the Champions 24. You'll be left loving Fred just as much as us by the end of the show.

Plus: Lanny fires back at Bill Dundee after hearing the things he said about Randy and his father Angelo in a recent shoot interview, whether he agrees or disagrees with recent comments Undertaker made, he pulls back the curtain on how to hide an exposed razor in your mouth while wrestling, the rumor about what happened to the Hulk Hogan WWE Championship belt which Mr. Perfect destroyed on television, the song he wrote for Macho Man's rap album 'Be a Man', how the movie Coming To America inspired the design of his new 'Genius Glow' t-shirt on, and more! This is not an episode to miss!

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