Decorated US Navy SEAL Jason Redman faces failure and learns to starting over

Oct 07, 10:33 PM

Decorated US Navy SEAL lieutenant Jason Redman served in Afghanistan & Iraq where he led assault forces conducting over 40 combat missions. Redman is brutally honest about his struggles to learn how to be an effective leader, yet that effort pales beside the story of his critical wounding in 2007 when his team was ambushed and he was struck by machine-gun fire at point-blank range in the face. This show traces the evolution of a modern warrior, a man who has come to embody the never-say-die spirit that defines the SEALs.   When people ask Jason what he does, how does he like to reply? Early in his Seal career he went through a period where he felt like he knew it all, and he was humbled, what happened? "You don't learn from success, you learn from failure, that’s where you are defined." Jason discusses his best failure. Credibility is the currency of leadership. Did Jason lack credibility in his career? How Jason overcame ”you don't cut the mustard” as a Seal or a Seal Leader. The process of facing failure and starting over. The mark of a man is not found in their past, it’s found in their approach to adversity and how they build their future What forged Jason’s overcome mindset? Who has Jason come to understand is our greatest enemy? Dealing with the Imposter Syndrome. Being in a firefight what’s that really like? Jason has a gun shot wound to the face, jaw shattered. We recount that moment and the memory Jason has of what ran through his mind. What is the most important thing Jason is teaching his son today? Seals talk about the hierarchy of prioritiy in their mind, team, family and then yourself. Is that how Jason sees it? The role Jason’s wife played in his journey, his recovery, and his life as a man. The way Jason framed his recovery … proactive and aggressive.  Why Jason created The Overcome Academy? How do we teach military servicemen and women to speak civilian? Why do those who serve, who know discipline, to follow a mission, struggle in the workplace? Does Jason fear anything today?   LINKS Jason Redman website   The JR overcome show   Email The Mojo Radio Show   Roctober Rewind Ep149 of The Mojo Radio Show with guest Spartan Joe De Sena   Fish River Roasters produce the Buddha Brew 2   Robin Williams on the characters of Happy Feet   The Mojo Radio Show website The Mojo Radio Show on Facebook   The Mojo Radio Show on Twitter   The Mojo Radio Show Answering Machine 08 7200 6656 08 7200 MOJO   The Mojo Radio Show copyright Gary Bertwistle & Darren Robertson   Products or companies we discuss are not paid endorsements. They are not sponsored by, nor do we have any professional or affiliate relationship of any kind with any of the companies or products highlighted in the show.... sadly! It’s just stuff we like, think is cool and maybe of interest to you our listeners. “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”. Hunter S Thompson.