UFC 229 brawl, Brewers sweep the #BeerSeries, Jerry criticizes Jason, Michelle's bartending skills, and more...

Oct 08, 2018, 02:33 PM

Gabe Morency, Corey Parson and Michelle Serpico open the show talking about their weekend, where they all got together to watch the Brewers sweep the Rockies, the Yankees even their series, and UFC 229 end in a huge brawl; the guys also talk about their over indulgence thanks to this being the best time for sports fans. Looking at the fights from UFC 229, Gabe says Conor McGregor is the true instigator in the brawl, going back to when he threw a dolly through Khabib's bus in Brooklyn months ago; Corey, however, thinks Khabib's corner was disgraceful for going after McGregor while he was laying on the ground, but Gabe and Michelle think the whole night, including the brawl, was awesome. Gabe also says while Jon Jones may be the best fighter in world right now, Khabib is on his way to being on the top. The guys, including Cowboys fan Corey, realize after Jerry Jones' comments about Jason Garrett punting in overtime, the Cowboys will not win with Garrett as head coach. Looking at the NFC East, Gabe and Corey agree there is no good offense in the division, and at the moment, the Redskins are in the driver's seat. Gabe and Corey got to see Michelle's bartending game in Hoboken, and Michelle was impressed at how Gabe can handle himself in a "Jersey Shore" type of establishment. Gabe finishes the hour comparing the upcoming Chiefs vs. Patriots game as the NFL's Khabib vs. Conor.

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