Gordon Chang: US set the success of the Chinese Communist Party as a goal of American foreign policy for four decades!

Oct 09, 03:14 AM

Photo: Secretary Kerry Looks on as President Obama Delivers a Statement on the Global Campaign to Degrade and Destroy ISIL

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Gordon Chang, Daily Beast, in re: Big problems in big China. For years Pompeo suddenly left Pyongyang and flew to Beijing; Pompeo was candid and frank in Beijing and said, “We have fundamental disagreements with China.” Important that he show that we’re not afraid of friction in the relations, nor of being clear, and are willing to assert our rights and those of the intl community; not afraid of Beijing any more. A very good move. For four decades, Washington has set the success of the Chinese Communist Party as a goal of American foreign policy! . . . We’re suspicious when the head of Interpol returns to China in September and disappears. Beijing says that he resigned and is being investigated. Disagreements at the top of the CCP are so severe that they're breaking out n public. Xi has Mao-era power and, along with them, Mao-era instability. Pompeo regrets that the planned mid-October meeting among US and Chinese diplomats, the “security dialogue.” We cancelled because China with drew their top admiral, thereby cutting of mil-to-mil dialogue. Shows that Beijing is having a temper tantrum.

A million Uyghurs locked in concentration camps; China is trying to liquidate an ethnic group, incl by torture and murder. Taiwan. No mil-to-mil. Coming: a weekend discussion among Pyongyang, Moscow, Beijing. As US-Chinese relations fade, where does that leave Moon Jae-in’s utopianism? Need to tighten US sanctions on [illegal] activities by China. Disagreeable for a while but safer than the alternative. Moon works for Pyongyang! He’s subverting his own society, his own nation. Kim drove a new Rolls to meet Pompeo to flaunt the fact that US sanctions aren't working at all.