Division series actions, Yanks get yanked, MNF recap, Colin Drew's big DFS week, and more...

Episode 704,  Oct 09, 2018, 03:04 PM

Gabe Morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show with Gabe apologizing for his picks after getting caught up in the Yankees' mystique, which never showed up last night, as the Yankees got rocked by the Red Sox; Gabe also made a bad pick in the Monday Night Football game. Corey tries to find a silver lining, saying the series is not over, but Gabe thinks last night was too embarrassing for the Yankees to come back. Gabe and Corey try to figure out if the betting man should take the Yankees or Red Sox in Game 4, with Michelle thinking this series is going back to Boston for a Game 5. Gabe tries to put a smile on everyone's face by having DailyRoto's Colin Drew join the show to tell people how he won about a quarter million dollars playing DFS football this past weekend. The gang finishes the hour with Corey telling Gabe how when it comes to DFS hockey, people have been calling him "The Fantasy Exec on Ice."

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