Michael Thomas trolls Josh Norman, Corey's Yankee argument, Angel Hernandez, and more...

Oct 09, 2018, 04:26 PM

To open the final hour of the show, Corey talks about how Saints WR Michael Thomas trolled Redskins DB Josh Norman, after the Saints routed Washington. To bolster Corey's argument that the Yankees will win tonight, Gabe relays the fact that Rick Porcello has never won a game in the postseason; Gabe explains why early scoring will be crucial the rest of the playoffs. The Carton and Friends crew rips umpire Angel Hernandez, calling him the worst official in sports, citing the fact he had 3 bad calls overturned in last night's Yankees-Red Sox game. Gabe talks about how he should not have bet on the Yankees last night, thinking the Red Sox were too big of underdogs, and decides to take Boston in Game 4 tonight. 

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