Sugars: The Sweet & Sour Truth

Oct 09, 05:07 PM

I love sugar! I mean, who doesn’t right?

Sugars are found everywhere, they’re not just in your chocolates treats or fruit, so it’s very easy to consume too much. In fact, sugar can be found in some of the most unexpected products such as tomato sauces and peanut butter. However, as wonderful as sugars make our food taste, they do have their health risks if we over consume them. In fact, many health organisations have re-evaluated their guidelines to encourage people to consume less in the fight against obesity and tooth decay.

This episode covers:

  • What sugars are

  • Natural vs added sugars

  • Blood sugar

  • How much can we eat?

  • Why should we cut down?

  • How to reduce your intake of sugar

  • Tips for reading ingredients on packaging

  • Quick correction: To find the number of teaspoons in the food you're eating, divide the grams of sugar by 4.2.