r/botsrights, u/dogboobes asks Paris Hilton for money, and Houston is America's Tokyo

Oct 10, 2018, 06:00 PM

Hey guys. Obligatory apology for again not posting this podcast on time. But if it makes you feel any better, u/dogboobes is back from Tanzania to talk to us about the civil liberties of robots! We've been meaning to talk about this sub for a long time, but with Houston trying to ban sexbot brothels, and California banning bots that try to be humans, it's a better time than ever to stand up for our half-sentient brothers and sisters of steel. r/botsrights is a cross between sarcastic programming jokes, and a genuinely sincere commentary on the way we interact with beings that we view as "lesser". Maybe it's setting the foundation for larger conversations about how and why we address robot intelligence with manners, or maybe it's just a good place to see nerds being nerds. Either way, let Houston have its brothel guys. Plus, u/dogboobes fights with her dad about bootstraps, u/myfreeday visits a Mexican Costco, and u/itsyerdad continues to talk too much. This episode brought to you by Tickle Me Elmo.