In its oppression, the Chinese govt creates its own opposition. In Hong Kong noodle shops, you see people wearing the Union Jack on their T-shirts.

Oct 11, 03:00 AM

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Flag: The Union Jack, now increasingly popular in Hong Kong as the Chinese boot comes down, and the unelected tyrants of Beijing endeavor to strangle liberty among a free people.


Mark Clifford, former editor-in-chief of the South China Morning Post and a Hong Kong resident since 1992, in re: The predation, ambition, and confusion of China in the 21st Century. Spratleys. The Decatur incident, an Arleigh Burke-class ship on a freedom of navigation act, was challenged by a PLA Navy destroyer, came within 45 yards; excessively dangerous, being seconds way from a collision, which would have been catastrophic; China claimed that the bogus island nearby was Chinese territory: falsehood. The Interpol president, a Chinese national, in travelling to China decided to leave his wife and family and then disappeared there. Victor Mallet, long-time editor and columnist of the Financial Times, was denied a visa to Hong Kong, as were others; Beijing making a point. Under British colonial rule or otherwise have never before denied a visa extension to a journalist. The Hong Kong National party (pro-independence) has been outlawed, as will be a student group led by Joshua Wong and others. In media and throughout civil society, demanding loyalty and allegiance to the PRC. A narrowing of the bounds; unfortunately, the govt is getting a fair amount of support fro Hong Kong elites. After the Occupy movement, [govt has come down heavily]. In its oppression, the govt is creating its own opposition. People are now really pushing back against Beijing. In noodle shops, you see people wearing the Union Jack on their T-shirts.